Man's 500-Mile Run for Epilepsy Begins Saturday in Grand Portage

GRAND PORTAGE, Minn. - At 4 a.m. Saturday, Craig Simonson will get up and begin a 50-mile run. He'll do that every day for the next 12.

Burnsville High School alumni stops by during his 500-mile solo run across the state

Equipped with a hydration pack on his back, a couple of candy bars, his audiobook library, three layers of clothing and ball of coconut oil in a ziplock bag, Craig Simonson set out running.

Minnesota man plans to run across state to raise awareness for epilepsy

DULUTH, MN –A Minnesota man will see the whole state over the next two weeks all by foot. Craig Simonson plans to run 5-hundred miles across Minnesota to raise money for epilepsy.


Starting tomorrow February 2 Craig Simonson who is the owner of Savasana Epsom, is running 500 miles across Minnesota to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation’s Athletes vs Epilepsy program. He also will be using this run to showcase the Epsom salt product he created for sore muscles.

Man plans to run 500 miles across Minnesota to raise money for epilepsy

GRAND PORTAGE, Minn. — What are you doing this coming weekend? Whatever it is, It’s probably not nearly as ambitious as what Craig Simonson is doing.

Running 500 Miles from Canadian Border to La Crosse, Wisconsin Raising money for Athletes Vs Epilepsy

Three years ago I was on a mission to find my health routine groove, which I have come to realize is just an ongoing journey not a destination.