When do orders ship?

Most in-stock orders placed Monday through Friday before noon PST will ship the same day. Standard time for shipping via UPS® Ground service is 2-8 business days for delivery, depending on final destination. 

Who will be delivering my order?

Most orders are shipped via USPS. The US Postal Service (USPS) is used to ship only by special request and may be subject to additional shipping costs. Please call us at (800) 353-7258 if you have a special request for alternative shipping.

When will I know my order has been shipped?

Once your order has been picked up from our warehouse in Minneapolis, MN, we will send a shipment confirmation with your tracking number to the email address that you provided during checkout.

Do I need to sign for my delivery?

Savasana Epsom does not require a signature upon delivery for small package deliveries. 

My order says it was delivered but it's not here?

USPS will do their best to leave your package in a secure location; often this is not the most obvious location. Please double check that your package wasn’t tucked behind a corner, set beside the garage, or hidden behind a planter. If after checking you are still unable to locate your package, please call our customer service team at (800) 353-7258 for assistance.

How are shipping charges calculated?

We use UPS software to calculate shipping charges based on the total weight of the package, its destination zip code and the shipping method you choose.

Why do you need my contact number and email address?

We need accurate and current contact information on file so that either a SaltWorks team member or UPS can contact you in the rare event that there’s an issue with your order or delivery. We send both your order confirmation/receipt and tracking information to the email address provided. Your information will never be sold or shared with any third parties.

Do you ship internationally?

We can offer international shipping. Quotes are provided on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out a contact form with your international inquiries.

Is all Epsom salt the same?

All Epsom salt contains the naturally occurring minerals of magnesium and sulfate. There are different ways of manufacturing and packaging Epsom salt, but chemically, it’s all exactly the same. There are also different “grades” of Epsom salt for different applications such as human use and agricultural applications.

Why is Epsom salt called Epsom salt?

One of the earliest discoveries of magnesium sulfate, the scientific name of Epsom salt, occurred back in Shakespeare’s day in Epsom, England, which explains the first half of the name. The term “salt” probably refers to the specific chemical structure of the compound, although many people mistakenly assume it refers to the crystalline structure of Epsom salt, which has an appearance similar to that of table salt. (Table salt, of course, consists of sodium chloride, so it’s an entirely different substance than magnesium sulfate.)

Does Epsom salt dry your skin and leave a residue the way sea salt does?

No. In fact, Epsom salt is widely reported to soften skin, and it rinses away completely. While we don’t yet understand precisely why Epsom salt has a softening effect, the results have been widely reported for hundreds of years.

Where can I buy Epsom salt?

Is it safe for me to use Epsom salt?

If you have any questions of a medical nature, please consult with your physician.

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