Savasana: Corpse Pose

The ultimate, deeply relaxing and final yoga pose- arguably being the most challenging to master at times. While this posture may simply look like laying on your back, sprawled out and quite possibly taking a nap…being aware in relaxation is the key and where the benefits of this asana (pose) are able to soak into body, mind and soul. This may sound like an easy task, but being aware while relaxing does and will present challenges from time to time. This asana can feel more exhausting in some moments then it is enjoyable. Being still, could lead to all the places that don’t feel at peace. Reality is the mind is constantly active, even while sleeping there is movement so it may feel impossible to “simply” relax or settle into stillness. When this happens take it as a perfect opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and expand capacity for discomfort. Let the mind and body unwind and be aware of the sensations and thoughts. Practice being the observer of what comes up with out getting wrapped in it, become present. Imagine the physical body and any discomfort dripping into the earth, deeper still- feel it happen…let whatever arises, be. Lets face it, the lives we live can be fast paced and stressful…it’s important to find that time to roll out our mats and find savasana. No matter whats going on, this is a place to come and be with. A time to come into a calming and meditative state of being. By taking this time to fully be in body, it allows integration to take place and we can receive the gifts our yoga practice brings, in stillness. By giving the body time and space to fully SOAK in the space created, joy arises. Find comfort in being with the breath and knowing the releasing of toxic/stagnate energy is happening. Savasana also activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), reducing blood pressure and allowing the body to relax, rest and digest. Slowing it all down will support feelings of deep inner peace. Regardless of whether we are having a perceived positive or negative experience, the benefits are the same. In slowing down, you’ll find the creating of energy and a making way for new by saying goodbye to the old. Savasana supports in the remedy of reducing anxiety, stress and an overworked mind, body and soul. Let us all make our way onto our backs, letting go of any and all tension that is being carried and slip into the abyss together!