Healing your body after an intense physical activity

When you finish a yoga session or workout you can find yourself exhausted and yet with a feeling of extreme lightness. This is why it is important to know how to relax after a workout. Some people think is not so necessary to deal with this recovery phase as it would come with time naturally. Actually, we all should learn something more about it as we find the perfect way to heal our body in a healthy and proper way allowing it to really acknowledge and nourish from the recent activity and preparing to face your everyday life with a new improved body and a focused and strong mind. This will help you return to your normal life, as well as recover a workout faster. There are several techniques that you could try. Let's take a look!


Calm your body down with stretching


This is one of the most important things you can do to relax after a workout. When you train, especially if you are doing a high-intensity session, you do not have to stop suddenly and sit down. Slowly slow down your movements to make sure your muscles do not cool too quickly. A good way to do this is stretching your body. This will help to loosen the muscles that have contracted during the exercise. Once done on a regular basis, it helps your body relax and tell you that the workout is over. The important thing, however, is not to make stretches for only 2 or 3 minutes. A stretching, to be called that, must at least be done for 10 to 15 minutes. In this way, the benefits are more tangible.


Fuel your body with some food


One of the best things to do after a workout is to replenish the "fuels" of your body. There are many foods that help you recover after a workout. So if you have not done it before, prepare your post-workout snack by following these general tips on the sportsman's diet.

Depending on your taste you can opt for different options:

  • you could use do-it-yourself energy bars.
  • if you like a dessert you have the opportunity to assimilate carbohydrates and proteins with these recipes for sports desserts.
  • if you love tasty snacks you might even think about using eggs with an omelet.
  • never forget the importance of fresh fruit
  • you could prepare excellent and nutritious vitamin and protein shakes
  • and, of course, don't forget to drink water, before, after and if you can even during your workout or sweaty yoga session!


All you need to do and think about your tastes, support them using healthy food and then enjoy what you are eating in a relaxed way


Add some meditation

It can be a great way to focus your mind on an imaginary place to relax. It is a practice that must be learned. However, there are many free digital files that can be found in a guided meditation. They can be downloaded to your devices, be it a mobile phone or an mp3 player. Following these simple habits helps you relax and also focus your goals on wellness, focus on upcoming competitive results and in everyday life


Go for some TLC with Epsom salt

There are many advantages in taking a warm relaxing long bath after sports. What really matters? You should have the perfect addition to that warm water to really boost the recovery and powerful benefits of this moment to yourself. With some Epsom salt you will have the chance of both heal your body from all the action and, most of all, it will help you relax after an intense workout such as power yoga or some other intense fitness section. Also for what concerns the mental state, a calming bath can improve your rest. You will also find how much this precious moment can really solve the muscular problems caused by the workouts. Epson salt is used to improve blood flow and to get rid of toxins from your body and release stress too. Savasana Epson Salt has another big plus as it is 100% natural protecting your body and health from any chemicals you would find in other salts and lotions on the market that could even give you a sense of relaxation but they could be dangerous to your skin health. With Savasana Epson Salt you will have so many effects with just one simple product. If you want to take things to the other level, before heading to your warm bath with Savasana Epson Salt, light up some candle, turn the lights out and create your personal little zen area to really full-immerse into a peaceful healthy and truly relaxing experience. You will feel rejuvenated, relaxed, calm and ready to spread your new improved approach to your everyday life and schedule.